Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend in Cremona

Hi guys, today I will talk about my weekend in Cremona, which is a small town in the north of Italy, 80 km from Milan. I will dedicate an entire post to Cremona "city". 
This weekend we decided not to move...saturday evening we had happy hour at our favorite place called "The 21 way"...don't ask me why this strange name...need to investigate!!
Later, after meeting some friends, we went back to to have dinner...and now comes my recipe!!!
Risotto with tomatoes!!!

For 4 people, you need:
- rice 400 gr
- fresh or tinned peeled tomatoes 400gr
- basil
- parmigiano reggiano cheese
- broth 1lt
- salt
- 1 onion
- 2 tablespoons of oil
- butter 20gr

Cut the onion and put it into a pot with the oil, turn on the fire and let the onion cook for a minute (don't let it become brown!). After that, put the rice into the pot and mix together until the rice becomes transparent, then pour some broth into the pot. Add tomatoes and slowly some broth, until the rice is done. before turning off the fire add the basil and some salt. End with butter and cheese, let the rice "sleep" for a couple of minutes.

Kisses from Italy,

PS. Today again earthquake...so scaring!


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    1. hi Isabella, thanks for you sweet comment! keep on following me!